B2B Sales and Marketing

Should You Expand Your Line?

I was interviewed by a self-storage trade magazine writer who wanted ideas on how to add ancillary revenue generating items, a.k.a. line expansions. Here is my five-step formula: Look at your market ā€“ What are the holes and gaps? What do people need that you could provide? Look at competitors and outside your market ā€“ [...]

How the Texas Flooding Can Help You Write Better Blog Post Headlines

One of the best ways to attract readers to your blog posts is to tie in to current events – even if those events are unrelated to your business or industry. (The way Iā€™m doing here.) The trick is to make the headline mysterious, thought provoking or controversial without being distasteful, patronizing or morose. As [...]

How to Profit from the Biggest Webinar Mistake Nearly All Gurus Make

What's the biggest free webinar (and teleseminar) mistake nearly all gurus make? If you're like me you're busy and don't have time to interrupt your day to sit in front of your computer or smart phone for an hour or more to watch webinars or listen to teleseminars. Yet the reason we register for free [...]

5 Colossal LinkedIn Profile Mistakes That Most People Make

5 Colossal LinkedIn Profile MistakesThat Most People Make by Nick Nichols, B2B Sales and Marketing Expert Recently I spent the better part of a day database building on LinkedIn and I viewed more than 1000 profiles. I found that the overwhelming majority of them had multiple opportunities for improvement. Below are the five major areas [...]

Why Traditional B2B Cold Calling is a Waste of Time and Money

I created this executive briefing because although CRM systems, telephone technology and digital media have advanced significantly in recent years, B2B selling methodology has lagged far behind. My company gets a half-dozen or more B2B cold calls every business day, 99.9% of which are made by clueless, time-wasting amateurs. Click for Full InfographicClick to Learn [...]

Are You Making This Embarrassing E-Mail Mistake?

I got a cold call from a guy selling web servers. He apparently got my name from the "WhoIs" directory of Internet domain names. As an Internet marketing consultant with several websites, I'm always interested in knowing what the current market pricing is for hosting, so I let the guy give me his pitch. He [...]

Chamber of Commerce Scam

Unfortunately, for most small and medium size business owners (SMBOs) joining a conventional chamber of commerce (CCoC) will be a complete waste of time and money. By conventional I mean a chamber that is associated with the name of a town or city and is considered the "official" chamber for that town or city. Why [...]

Don’t be Like this CPA

I don't know what it is about certain people. Maybe they do, in fact, have all the business they need (I doubt it.) Maybe they are afraid of technology. Maybe they are just stuck in the quagmire of conventional thinking. Maybe they just don't get it! The other day I ran across a CPA and [...]

Are Free Reports Dead as a Marketing Tool?

No! Using free information (I call this an info-premium) that provides tips, advice and guidance about solving problems your target market has is alive and well! Info-premium marketing is a decades-old, proven method to attract, engage and convert prospects into clients. In my 20+ years as an online marketing adviser to professional service providers – [...]

Branding Blunders that will Bury Your Business

What comes to mind when your clients think of you? How is your image perceived by potential buyers of your products and services? In today's world you are what the media says you are, whether that's a blog post, review, article, news story or other reference to you online, in print or via television or [...]