Please Don’t be Like this CPA!

by Nick Nichols, Professional Services Marketing Expert

I don’t know what it is about certain people. Maybe they do, in fact, have all the business they need (I doubt it.) Maybe they are afraid of technology. Maybe they are just stuck in the quagmire of conventional thinking. Maybe they just don’t get it!

The other day I ran across a CPA and did what I always do when I encounter a new potential joint venture partner: I Googled his name and what did I find? Front and center, just below his firm’s website listing was an extremely detrimental listing at

If you’re not familiar with, you need to be. This is a one of an alarming number of complaint portals where anyone can post a negative listing about you anonymously, in less than five minutes.

When I told the CPA about this he said he didn’t care because, and I quote: "I wouldn’t want to do business with anyone who looked me up on the Internet and found something negative." Huh?

In other words, people who are prudent, who are careful and who do what is becoming standard practice prior to making a meaningful purchase decision, would not be good prospects for this CPA. Why not? Maybe this guy DOES have something to hide. Maybe the Ripoff Report complaint IS legitimate!

Let’s look at how much this negative listing is costing this guy. If his average client spends just $1000 a year with him, and he loses just one potential client a month, it’s costing him at least $12,000 per year in lost business. Two clients: $24,000 in lost business, and so on.

What this guy REALLY doesn’t get is that what goes around, comes around. You are what the Internet says you are, and if you’re not paying attention to your online reputation, I GUARANTEE it’s costing you money!