Search Engine Marketing

Why I Hate Yelp

Fake reviews – especially defamatory fake reviews – have gotten out of hand. I have a client who is a victim of ongoing virtual stalking where it appears that the “perp” has hired people to post blatantly false negative reviews about my client on Yelp and other sites. Recently I read an article by an [...]

The 7 New Rules of Blogging

Once upon a time, there were generally accepted blogging practices that most of the "gurus" recommended and sometimes even practiced! But in the digital world, change is the only constant. I'm known for saying, "The only rules are the ones you make," and what I'd like to offer are more guidelines than rules when it [...]

SEO Secrets Revealed

by Nick Nichols, Search Engine Marketing Expert What is SEO? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, the process of making a web page rank better in the search engines for relevant keywords – known as money keywords – that likely buyers are using to get information that leads to a solution to a [...]

Why Google is Not Your Friend

In my Internet marketing workshops, I always ask this question, "What business is Google in?" Invariably, people say that Google is in the search engine business. Often, it's a revelation to people when I inform them that Google is in the advertising business and uses its legendary search technology to motivate people to choose Google [...]

Unleashing the Power of Google+

In June of 2011, Google launched Google+ (Google Plus) as its entry into the world of social media. But with the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, Google+ met with a lukewarm response from the public. As a way to gently but firmly convince the world that Google+ was a viable social media platform, [...]

Consumer Reviews – Why are they invisible?

Getting legitimate reviews to be visible at Google+ and Yelp is becoming more and more difficult. Despite what Google and Yelp say publicly – that they want to deliver relevant content to their users – including reviews – they seem to be covertly trying to undermine that mission. In Yelp's case, I believe they are [...]

Why Most News Releases Fail

The problem with most news releases is that no one reads them because they are: Not targeted – are in a "one-size-fits-all" format that's not specifically aimed at the audience of a particular medium. Not newsworthy – don't address a current and meaningful issue. Not properly focused – are mostly "inner-focused" – all about the [...]