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The Worst LinkedIn Advice I’ve Ever Seen!

The Worst LinkedIn Advice I've Ever Seen! By Nick Nichols In this Upstart article, the author claims that “LinkedIn just made it super-simple to win new business.” The article contends that LinkedIn's new “ProFinder” feature makes LinkedIn “serious about moving beyond its core use as a full-time job-seeking / hiring platform.” ProFinder is a service [...]

Diamond Doctor: Customer Service that Sparkles

When it came time to update the customer service chapter in my book, “The Entrepreneur's Guide to Crushing the Competition: How to Be Seen as the Best and Obvious Choice to Attract More Pre-Qualified Buyers Starting Today!” I needed an example that truly demonstrated how customer service can be a potent secret weapon. The choice [...]

Should You Expand Your Line?

I was interviewed by a self-storage trade magazine writer who wanted ideas on how to add ancillary revenue generating items, a.k.a. line expansions. Here is my five-step formula: Look at your market – What are the holes and gaps? What do people need that you could provide? Look at competitors and outside your market – [...]

Don’t Be Like Target Stores

If you're like me you're getting fed up with pointless, mindless and clueless "policies" that are in force at certain large retailers, like Target. We're fed up because we're tired of being treated like commodities, numbers and criminals – yes, criminals! Let me explain... Certain stores – like Target – insist on making everyone who [...]

The 7 New Rules of Blogging

Once upon a time, there were generally accepted blogging practices that most of the "gurus" recommended and sometimes even practiced! But in the digital world, change is the only constant. I'm known for saying, "The only rules are the ones you make," and what I'd like to offer are more guidelines than rules when it [...]

Are You Making This Embarrassing E-Mail Mistake?

I got a cold call from a guy selling web servers. He apparently got my name from the "WhoIs" directory of Internet domain names. As an Internet marketing consultant with several websites, I'm always interested in knowing what the current market pricing is for hosting, so I let the guy give me his pitch. He [...]

SEO Secrets Revealed

by Nick Nichols, Search Engine Marketing Expert What is SEO? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, the process of making a web page rank better in the search engines for relevant keywords – known as money keywords – that likely buyers are using to get information that leads to a solution to a [...]

Don’t Be Like DirecTV

I changed my Internet service to AT&T U-verse and they offered to set me up with DirecTV at the same time. I asked if there would be an installation charge and DirecTV said no. To my surprise, when the DirecTV tech showed up he wanted $65 on the spot to install my dish. In the [...]

Don’t Be Like Lowe’s

Yesterday I went to my local Lowe's store to buy some specialty hardware for a home repair project. As it turned out, I needed some large wood drill bits and a 7/16" socket wrench to complete the project. Usually at this particular Lowe's store there are at least 2-3 sales associates milling around the hardware [...]

The Death of Conventional TV Ads

Recently I got new cable TV service from Dish Network and among the cool features is the capability to start watching a program in one room, pause it, then resume watching in another room via their "Joey" boxes. The service also automatically keeps track of and stores prime-time programs on the major "broadcast" networks (ABC, [...]

Did GM make the right decision?

Recently I was just discussing the effectiveness of Facebook marketing with a client. Specifically, did GM make the right decision in pullling its Facebook ads? My opinion is that most B2C businesses and certain B2Bs should have a Facebook presence in the way of a business page, but the amount of time and resources devoted [...]

Are Free Reports Dead as a Marketing Tool?

No! Using free information (I call this an info-premium) that provides tips, advice and guidance about solving problems your target market has is alive and well! Info-premium marketing is a decades-old, proven method to attract, engage and convert prospects into clients. In my 20+ years as an online marketing adviser to professional service providers – [...]

Branding Blunders that will Bury Your Business

What comes to mind when your clients think of you? How is your image perceived by potential buyers of your products and services? In today's world you are what the media says you are, whether that's a blog post, review, article, news story or other reference to you online, in print or via television or [...]

Why Most News Releases Fail

The problem with most news releases is that no one reads them because they are: Not targeted – are in a "one-size-fits-all" format that's not specifically aimed at the audience of a particular medium. Not newsworthy – don't address a current and meaningful issue. Not properly focused – are mostly "inner-focused" – all about the [...]