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[VIDEO] Silly LinkedIn Mistake To Avoid

Has this happened to you? by Nick Nichols, Expert in Getting People to Respond to You on LinkedIn Or worse, are you making this silly LinkedIn mistake that is preventing people from connecting with you? Watch this one-minute video to find out.

The Worst LinkedIn Advice I’ve Ever Seen!

The Worst LinkedIn Advice I’ve Ever Seen! By Nick Nichols In a Biz Journals Upstart article (that has since been archived behind password protection), the author claims that “LinkedIn just made it super-simple to win new business.” The article contends that LinkedIn’s new “ProFinder” feature makes LinkedIn “serious about moving beyond its core use as [...]

5 Colossal LinkedIn Profile Mistakes That Most People Make

5 Colossal LinkedIn Profile MistakesThat Most People Make by Nick Nichols, B2B Sales and Marketing Expert Recently I spent the better part of a day database building on LinkedIn and I viewed more than 1000 profiles. I found that the overwhelming majority of them had multiple opportunities for improvement. Below are the five major areas [...]