Who will benefit the most from working with Nick Nichols and Dalfort Media?

Consultants and specialists who provide expertise and advice or who help get results in:

Business, management, technology, engineering, human resources, process improvement, productivity, organizational development, communications, employment, proposal and grant writing, software development and deployment, commercial security, non-profit fundraising, public relations, business forensic analysis…

Trainers, coaches, consultants, and specialists who teach, train or motivate people, including workshop and seminar leaders in:

Career advancement, personal growth and development, communication and presentation skills, public speaking, team building, leadership, workplace diversity, employee relations and management…

B2B service providers, including:

Commercial bankers, accounting and tax, business and corporate law, business brokers, commercial insurance, commercial lending, business software development, cloud-based services, mobile apps for business, computer installation, repair and networking, computer and Internet security, event/meeting planning and marketing, promotion, advertising…

Who we don’t work with:

Consumer lenders; retail “store front” businesses1; franchisees; network marketers (a.k.a. “direct sellers” and “multi-level marketers”); non-commercial insurance agents; consumer attorneys (bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal, family law, etc.); schools2; non-501(c)(3) nonprofits; startups with less than $1 million in capitalization; contractors; home builders; tradespeople; property managers; financial advisers and planners3; car dealers; restaurants1; medical, dental and chiropractic offices4; … …

1Unless you own or control three or more locations. 2Unless you have a robust business curriculum or specialized technical, non-medical curriculum. 3Unless you own or control a firm with at least 10 professionals. 4Unless you have at least three full-time doctors, dentists or chiropractors. If you are in one of these industries it might be possible that I can help you. Click here to submit a request.

Why you should choose to do business with us in the next 30 days versus all other options available to you, including doing nothing:

  1. We’re marketers with experience in multiple industries, which means we can adopt and adapt marketing strategies and tactics that have worked in other industries to your business or professional practice.
  2. We are experts in getting your business found on the Internet by people searching for your business type in your area. Getting found ahead of your competition is critical to the survival and prosperity of your business. If you ignore local and mobile search, people won’t find you and they will go somewhere else.
  3. Also – and this is absolutely critical to the continued viability of your business – we show you how to build a digital database so you can provide value-based offers to your customers, clients, patients or members to keep them coming back again and again.

CRITICALLY IMPORTANT: We only work with one client per market area – usually a ZIP Code for a local business – or a single industry for a national business. This is because with our help our clients can dominate a local market or industry and we can only give our best advice to a single client. Why let a competitor get the money that should have been yours?


…to invest in a One-Hour Get More Revenues & Profits Conversation with Business Growth and Prosperity Adviser, Nick Nichols while the thought is still fresh in your mind!

If you’re in our target market, which is small and medium-size business owners and professional service providers, and you are in a business growth mode, then you should choose to do business with us because Dalfort Media founder Nick Nichols the only marketing advisor in Dallas who can help you articulate your sales message so effectively, that qualified prospects in your target market who have a genuine need in the next 30 days for what you offer will seek you out and be ready and willing to work with you on your terms at the prices you want to charge.

You should take action right now because the longer you wait to develop a precise, targeted, compelling sales message, the more money you will waste on marketing that doesn’t work and the more business you will lose.

Nick NicholsDalfort Media founder, Nick Nichols, has 25 years of hands-on, in-the-trenches experience helping businesses of all sizes to grow and prosper.

“We help business owners increase sales and profits using a unique, proprietary system that instantly reveals the holes and flaws in your marketing and shows you exactly how to fix them using low-cost, no-cost methods – so you can stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work and start putting more cash in your bank account.”

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