Forget SEO when Writing New Releases

by Nick Nichols, Publicity Expert

The problem with most news releases is that no one reads them because they are:

  1. Not targeted – are in a "one-size-fits-all" format that’s not specifically aimed at the audience of a particular medium.
  2. Not newsworthy – don’t address a current and meaningful issue.
  3. Not properly focused – are mostly "inner-focused" – all about the company – when they should be "outer-focused" – all about how what the company is doing will benefit a medium’s target audience.
  4. Not interesting – consist of boring "name, rank and serial number "information or are laden with trite industry jargon or "concept of the month" buzz words.
  5. Not the right length – are too long and attempt to tell the whole story when they should be brief, to the point and written in a way that generates curiosity so that the reader will want to know more.

So forget Google and SEO when it comes to writing news releases and concentrate on delivering a compelling, relevant message that will benefit a specific audience.

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