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We Get You More Pre-Qualified Buyers!

Marketing strategist Nick Nichols created Dalfort Media to make you the best and obvious choice. Properly done, your ideal target market will contact you first. They’ll be ready to do business on your terms at the prices you want to charge with little or no negotiation.

We only work with one client per market area, such as one to three ZIP Codes for a local business, or a single industry for a national business. This is because – with our help – you can dominate a local market or industry, and we can only give our best advice to one client per market area or industry. Will that be you – or your competition?

Why let a competitor get the business that should have been yours? Click here now to schedule a consultation (while you’re thinking about it).

Sales Lead Generation Services

You only have two choices in today’s world:

  1. Embrace change, adapt and prosper.
  2. Resist change, wither and die.

Skeptical? Watch this eye-opening video to learn which of these 7 Marketing Mindset Myths are preventing you from achieving the success you seek. You’ll learn how to bust each myth to increase sales and profits.

If you’re tired of wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work and you are really ready to make a positive change, click here now to schedule a consultation.

Sales Lead Generation Services

In working with hundreds of businesses, the number one need they have is "qualified lead generation." Unfortunately many companies still use tired, outdated and ineffective sales lead generation strategies. This results in lost business.

If you’re not getting enough qualified sales leads, it may not be your fault!

There is no shortage of methods and advice available online. There’s a lot of misinformation floating around. Maybe you’ve heard from telemarketers who claim they can get you on the first page of Google. (These people contact us regularly. They’ve never been to our website or they would know SEO is one of the strategies we use to get you more pre-qualified buyers.) These companies can only get a first-page Google listing for non-competitive keywords that few people use to find a business like yours.

Believe it or not, being on the first page on Google even for what we call “money” keywords (those with purchase intent) in and of itself doesn’t mean you’ll generate qualified sales leads.

An effective search engine listing:

  1. Must be properly formatted with a compelling page title element and description (93% are not);
  2. Must point to a landing page that delivers what the searcher was looking for (96% don’t); and
  3. Must contain a strong headline and offer that will cause qualified buyers to stay on the page and interact with you in some way (99% are lacking).

These are just three of the ways we can help you get more pre-qualified buyers to visit your website and take positive action on your behalf. Click here now to schedule a consultation to get immediate help with positioning your business for success.